18 Records x Jelani Blackman

At the start of 2019 Jelani Blackman was in need of a record label which reflected not only his ambitions but also his passions. We made one.

The Brief / Jelani Blackman was coming out of a major label deal and needed help re- energising his music career and building a full service team fit for purpose.

The Strategy / We wanted to create a label and team which not only reflected our own inherent values but also provide a platform which could support artists in all aspects of their music career. Our particular focus was to help artists who had gone through the major label machine and needed a second wind.

The Campaign / WE NOT I. Our whole aim with the process was to utilise help and partners wherever possible in order to give us the best chance of succeeding. We initially put out the first 3 singles via DistroKid and did everything from marketing, production, content, brand partnerships, live shows etc in order to get a thorough understanding what would work for everyone moving forward.

The Outcome / Fast forward to now and it's been some year. We recently did a global distribution deal with eOne who have subsequently become our label partner and Jelani has picked up countless accolades and support from the likes of Radio 1, 1Extra, BeatsOne, Annie Mac, DJ Target, Nicholas Grimshaw, Julie Adenuga, Huw Stephens, Kenny Allstar, Hypebeast, Rap UK, NMF, GRM Daily, Tim & Barry, Link Up TV, Trench, Dummy, Clash, Notion, Vogue etc etc etc. Just the start of what's to come.

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