It Starts With Imagination

And we don’t just mean new ideas.

We mean imagining how you want your world to be, then working backwards to figure out how best to get there.



  1. an act or instance of launching a spacecraft to the moon.
  2. an extremely ambitious and innovative project.

We specialise in number 2.

As well as working on concepts and ideas for our clients, we also work to develop, incubate, and invest into our own concepts, products and properties.


Ape In Records is a newly launched project on the Ethereum network and our sole goal is to help musicians, producers and songwriters who need our support to continue doing what they do best - which is creating music!


The Freedom Project

The Freedom Project is a global initiative to advance what Mandela called “freedom to be free.” With the goal of creating a unifying platform for discourse, understanding and action that fosters freedom in all walks of life. The Freedom Project operates with the double bottom line of doing well, while doing good through cultural, institutional, and direct action initiatives. Working with strategic partners, and a focus on targeted geographic cultural, and institutional spaces, the project will activate global networks, live events, and public action in response to Mandela’s call.


UNDISPUTED is a global lifestyle brand and gaming organisation built at the intersection of music, culture and competitive gaming.

The Album Project

The Album Project is a new platform bringing to life music albums and catalogue both physically and digitally


Stanbase is a new way to bring artists and fans closer together. The brand believes that by creating premium content on their platform, artists will be able to expand and enrich the experience of their fans, whilst

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SPHERE is a new, more human user interface for the internet. It is proven to increase page views (x6) and conversion (by 40%) thereby delivering short-term sales growth and long term brand equity at the same time. It does this by seamlessly blending content and commerce to create a truly immersive and intuitive journey of discovery for the user.

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18 Records

18 Records is an independent record label and management company headquartered in the UK. The management arm of the label also consults on a number of artist-led projects whether it be music or branding support. est. 2018